Houston Paternity Lawyer and Houston Paternity Dispute Attorney

John K. Grubb & Associates, P.C.

Photo of John K. GrubbIf you are involved in a Houston paternity dispute, whether you are the mother or the potential father, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Paternity recognizes a parental relationship between a child and his father. If the paternity is in question, the potential father can voluntarily submit to DNA testing or a court may order it. The reason that determining paternity is so important is because the child is then entitled to certain rights from the father, including child support, insurance, and an inheritance.

If you are being accused of being the father of a child and you have doubts, you need to protect your rights by getting legal protection from a Houston paternity attorney that can explain the steps of proving paternity and what happens next. If, on the other hand, you want to prove paternity, it is not as simple as making a motion in court on your own; you and your child also need legal protection to make sure that, once paternity is proven or disproven, you can take the proper steps to ensure your child is cared for. If you have doubts or questions about paternity or DNA testing for paternity, contact a Houston paternity lawyer at our law firm today.

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