Our Houston Paternity Dispute Attorney Represents Parents in Contested Litigation

When a child is born to parents who are not married, fathers must establish their paternity to have full legal rights and responsibilities regarding their children. A popular misconception is that unmarried parents can avoid court by simply naming the father on a birth certificate; unfortunately, this act alone is legally insufficient to establish paternity under state law. Although some paternity lawsuits are voluntary and uncontested, in other situations, a mother may need to pursue the putative father or a father might have to stand up for his and his child’s rights. Our Houston paternity dispute attorney has the knowledge and experience to either pursue or defend parents in contested paternity litigation. If either parent denies an allegation of paternity, courts may order DNA evidence to determine a child’s biological father. Once legal paternity is established, courts will decide issues of custody, visitation and support in the best interests of the child if parents are unable to settle the issues on their own.

Why You Need an Attorney

Some parents may think that because DNA evidence readily establishes biological fatherhood, they do not need an attorney to pursue or defend a paternity lawsuit. However, DNA evidence is only the beginning of a paternity dispute. After the legal father is established, reasonable people can have vast disagreements over the custody, visitation and support of a child, resulting in contested litigation. All parents need a qualified family attorney when pursing or defending a paternity action from the very beginning, as once a court makes an initial determination of custody, visitation or support, it can be difficult to modify or change the order. Contact our Houston paternity lawyer to represent your own and your child’s interests in a contested paternity dispute.

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