Terminating Parental Rights

Information provided by a Houston Paternity Attorney

Photo of Document SigningAre you worried about your parental rights being terminated? If so, the Houston paternity attorneys understand how confused and scared you must feel. We have worked with numerous cases where a parent’s rights are being terminated. We can assist you in examining your situation.

Grounds for terminating parental rights can vary. These reasons were put in place to ensure the safety of the child. Grounds for terminating parental rights include:

  • Physical or sexual abuse of the child
  • Abandonment
  • Long-term alcohol or drug abuse
  • Failure to support the child
  • Risk of substantial harm to the child
  • Felony conviction of the parent for a violent crime against the child
  • Preference of the child

If your parental rights are being threatened due to any of the reasons above, it is important to research and understand the best course of action with a Houston paternity dispute attorney. To learn more about how and why parental rights are terminated, contact a Houston paternity attorney today.

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